Selection of


For replacement lamp shades :

Measure straight across center  for Top Diameter, and then repeat on the bottom ring for Bottom Diameter.  Measure outside edge of top ring to outside edge of bottom ring straight down for side measurement.

For lamps without shades, or if changing style of Lampshade :

The size lampshade must be proportional to the size of the lamp. We recommend that the height of the lampshade be 5/8 the length of the lamp. The bottom dimensions of the shade should be close to the height of the lamp but not to exceed the height of the lamp, or at least 2 1/2 times the width of the base. The harp can be changed to accomodate the appropriate size lampshade.

 Please e-mail us for recommendations. Before calling,  please measure from bottom of light socket to base of lamp for approx. height of lamp and from bottom of socket to top of harp (if there is an existing harp).  Also diameter of widest part of lamp and a brief description of lamp. Keep measuring tape handy.